September 27, 2017 Erin Hall

5 Awesome Corporate Wellness Blogs You Need To Follow

If knowledge is power, then following industry-leading corporate wellness blogs is a powerful tool indeed.

HR managers in the know are following these blogs for insight into corporate culture, wellness programs, and more.

We’ve looked high and low for the best workplace wellness blogs around — check them out here.

Keeping up with trends in your industry doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re subscribed to one of these blogs, you can easily keep up with the latest over your morning coffee.

Best Corporate Wellness Blogs for HR Leaders

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Total Wellness: Employee Wellness Blog

Total Wellness provides helps businesses build wellness programs nationwide. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive quality care to employees all kinds of businesses.

And their blog is a well-written source of  workplace wellness information for HR managers, business owners, and wellness coordinators.

With topics like employee morale, encouraging healthy choices at work, and ways to improve employee engagement, the Total Wellness blog is a great spot to get inspired and informed.


Hope Health

Hope Health’s blog has a ton of useful health program information. In addition to their regularly updated blog, there are case studies, downloadables, brochures, wellness kits, and much more.

Hope Health is an easy-to-read resource for any HR manager who needs some inspiration or solid action steps on improving their company wellness.

Their unique focus on developing effective communication skills in your organization is something that sets Hope Health apart from other wellness blogs. That’s because Hope Health understands that a successful wellness program relies on trust, and trust beings with communication.

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WellSteps is a wellness program company with smart, relevant blog content.

Curious how much a workplace wellness program costs? They cover that. They also give great insider tips on how to use app-based wellness programs, things to know before signing up your team for a wellness program, and tips on building programs of all sizes.

This is a well-designed blog chock-full of useful information for any HR manager.

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Inside Workplace Wellness

Inside Workplace Wellness is a blog run by the director of human resources at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Rockville, Maryland. This industry-leading blog offers insider perspective on building wellness programs, healthy eating, and cultivating corporate culture.

Though this blog doesn’t publish as often as some of the others, the information is solid. While these other resources are run by people working for and speaking for a particular brand and company,

Inside Workplace Wellness has a fresh voice, because the author isn’t pushing a brand. It’s just an honest, clear-eyed perspective of the world of workplace wellness, warts and all.


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HuffPost Corporate Wellness

Yes, that HuffPost. The corporate wellness subject tag offers a diverse perspective from authors of all kinds. Because Huffington Post can draw from a huge number of contributors, you’re sure to find something here to dig into, whether your company is a small start-up, or an international big-wig.

There are tips on using yoga in the workplace as a wellness tool, keeping employee morale up, and increasing engagement in employee wellness programs.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was originally published July 2015. It has been revised and updated for comprehensiveness. 


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