May 21, 2015 Incorporate Massage

Interview with Forbes Provides Tips from Leading Companies

The CEO and founder of Incorporate Massage, Amelia Wilcox, recently had the opportunity to chat with Cheryl Conner of for the second time.

Wilcox discussed exciting real-world practices that successful companies use to attract and retain top talent. 

She distilled down the must-haves to 7 key categories:

1. Don’t forget the icing on the cake.

2. Make time for music.

3. Soak up some sun.

4. Competition is key.

5. Let them “Take 5.”

6. Treat employees like grown-ups.

7. Believe in something bigger than yourselves.


Our CEO’s Interview with Provides Tips from Leading Companies


The ideas discussed come from such varied companies as Clearlink, Goal Zero, Neutron Interactive, Vivint, Property Solutions, Google, Pluralsight, SAS, Boston Consulting Group, and ZenPayroll.

You can read the full article here



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