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Best Health Fair Ideas: Creative Vendors & Activities

The key to a successful company health fair is making it a fun and memorable experience. The best way to do that is by having the right vendors and the right activities. That’s where we come in — with creative health fair ideas for your next event.

Here are some creative concepts to kick your next health fair up a few notches.


Company Health Fair Ideas: Vendors, Activities, & Giveaways


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Unique Health Fair Ideas and Activities

To really make your health fair something employees get excited about, you’ll want to offer something a little different from the standard fare. Consider bringing in more creative vendors who will make the experience more than just a typical health fair.

It’s also important for your company to offer some activities as well, rather than just relying on the vendors to provide all the fun.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Nutrition & cooking demos

Giving employees tools and ideas to bring healthier food to work means fewer 2 pm, afternoon burnouts. A demonstration by a nutritionist on easy ways to make healthy snacks and lunches can keep your employees on track.

Smoking cessation program info

Local health organizations offer these programs on an on-going basis for people at all stages of the quitting process. Give any smokers on your team an opportunity to sign up for a meeting.

Bicycle repair and safe-riding tips

Encourage biking to work with some beginner instruction on commuter biking, including safety, tips on biking gear, and how to fix a flat.

Emergency preparedness vendors

Whatever your location is at risk for, whether it’s floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, there are organizations that can help people be prepared. They’ll provide ideas on what to include in a first aid kit, how to respond to an emergency, and how to prepare your family.

Stress management

Simple meditation techniques can be learned in as little as a few minutes and the benefits last for a lifetime. Meditation and mindfulness can profoundly affect your employees’ lives.

On-site chair massage

Nothing beats a free massage service to get employees excited about a health fair. Provide onsite chair massage where health fair attendees can get 5-10 minute massages to work out knots, improve posture, and provide a little stress relief.

health fair vendors

10 Classic Health Fair Vendors

Great vendors will have tons of health fair experience, so they’ll know what will draw a crowd to their booth. Experienced vendors will also know how to provide valuable information to your attendees in fun and memorable ways.

These vendors may come with sign-up sheets for their mailing list, brochures, giveaways, short activities, and branded items like pens, magnets and stickers.

Here are 10 classic examples of health fair vendors who know their stuff:

1. American Heart Association

  • Website:
  • What they’ll provide: CPR training, information on heart disease and warning signs of heart attack, stroke, or cardiac arrest

2. American Cancer Society

  • Website:
  • What they’ll provide: Cancer treatment information, support, and research

3. American Diabetes Association

  • Website:
  • What they’ll provide: Information on risk factors for diabetes, ideas for prevention, dietary guidance, research and advocacy

4. March of Dimes

  • Website:
  • What they’ll provide: Research, support and prevention of premature birth

5. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

  • Website:
  • What they’ll provide: Resources on the prevention of drunk driving, support for those affected, prevention of underage drinking

6. Habitat for Humanity

  • Website:
  • What they’ll provide: Volunteer opportunities for housing and home building support

7. American Red Cross

  • Website:
  • What they’ll provide: Blood donation, CPR and First Aid certification

8. American Lung Association

  • Website:
  • What they’ll provide: Lung disease prevention, support and research, smoking cessation resources

9. Your county health department

  • What they’ll provide: Local wellness initiatives and support groups

10. Local gyms and personal trainers

  • What they’ll provide: Mini fitness trainings, discounted membership deals, fitness assessments

health fair giveaways


Ideas for Health Fair Giveaways

If possible, offer a big raffle prize for the company health fair. Talk it up weeks in advance to build anticipation, then draw the raffle winner towards the end of the event.

Give health fair attendees a card to fill out showing they’ve visited every booth — their card can be an additional raffle ticket. Here are some ideas for a big giveaway:

  • Mountain bike or road bike
  • iPad mini with iTunes gift card for wellness apps
  • Personal training sessions or nutritionist consultation
  • $200 gift card for fitness apparel and equipment
  • High-end blender/juicer (i.e., Nutribullet)
  • Monthly membership for healthy food delivery service (i.e., Blue Apron)
  • One year’s worth of massage therapy sessions

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2015 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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