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Virtual Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Yoga is a mind and body connecting practice, steeped in history. It has existed for more than 5,000 years, and originated in India. But even though it began so long ago, its popularity around the world is only continuing to grow. Many people think of yoga as just a physical activity, but there’s more to it than just that! It’s also extremely powerful for stress relief, calming anxiety, preventing injuries, and finding inner calm. The core components of any style of yoga, including virtual yoga, are the physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. 

health benefits of virtual yoga

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3 Important Tips to Boosting Morale for Hospital Staff

If you want to boosting morale for your hospital staff — from your caregivers, nurses, doctors to the rest of your medical staff — here’s a list of ideas to help increase team morale.

Healthcare staff and hospital employees can face extremely stressful situations on a regular basis. They continually risk their lives to keep us and our loved ones safe. The greatest example being how they are handling COVID currently. More demands on healthcare workers due to the pandemic are only increasing their need for boosting morale and mental health support.

Here are some ways you can keep your hospital staff in high spirits throughout their shifts.

hospital team morale boosting

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Are Financial Wellness Programs Part of your Workplace EAP?

We talk a lot about employee stress here, so we’d be remiss to avoid talking about financial stress, too. 72% of Americans report feelings stressed about money, according to the American Psychological Association. Another study reports that “39% of employees spend three hours or more each week dealing with issues related to personal finance.”

It’s reasons like these that companies are adding financial support programs to their EAP to help lower employee stress.

Here’s how those programs work.

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Choosing an EAP

Choosing an EAP for your company is one of the most important decisions an HR Director will face. It’s important because the difference between what EAPs offer can be vastly different. Typically, EAPs fall into 3 categories; those attached to your medical plan, broader behavioral health resources and stand-alone companies that provide solely EAP services. So, when you’re choosing an EAP, considering what services your company needs is important! 

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What Are the Benefits of an Employee Assistance Program

Work takes up a large percentage of our lives–from 9 to 5 every week–and job satisfaction can be a huge contributor to overall mental health and happiness. But for many employees, even if they are content at work, their home lives will inevitably affect their ability to be productive and focused. Work and home life are intertwined, so when staff face issues in their day to day lives it’s bound to impact their work. That’s why an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can be such a helpful addition to any work space, whether your staff is onsite or work remotely. An Employee Assistance Program benefits employees (and employers!) by helping your team stay productive and engaged, even when they are experiencing challenging times. 

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