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What is Spiritual Wellness? 4 Ways to Achieve it in the Workplace

Spiritual wellness in the workplace is important to your overall health, even if it might initially sound a little ‘out there!’ Spiritual wellness refers to feelings of life having purpose and meaning. When we’re going through challenging times, spiritual wellness can help ground us in our values. It gives us resiliency, inner peace, and helps relieve stress — at work or at home. 

What is Spiritual Wellness in the Workplace?

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How Zenovate Went Virtual

For the first Zenovate Yourself podcast episode, host Shawn Stringham interviews our very own Amelia Wilcox, CEO and founder of Zenovate! We love hearing inspiring stories of amazing companies pivoting and rebounding from the impacts of COVID-19, and we’re proud to be one of those innovative companies ourselves! Listen to the full podcast below, or read on to learn how Zenovate has made innovative choices and aggressive growth to meet the needs of a workforce affected by the stresses of a global pandemic, with new virtual stress management services! 

CEO and founder of Zenovate Amelia Wilcox

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Tools to Release Financial Stress

Stress about finances has been identified as one of America’s employees top stressors every year since 2007, according to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America survey! Money woes and anxieties affect the U.S. workforce on a daily basis, and can impact overall staff wellness. Debt, cost of living, and other financial concerns may seem like the worst of it. However, the drain they have on physical and emotional resources can be even more costly! Get your financial wellness under control, with tools for a virtual workforce to release financial workplace stress.

financial planning for staff wellness

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How to Support Your Intellectual Health While Working Remotely

We often think about our physical and mental health–but what about our intellectual health? Intellectual health refers to participation in scholarly, cultural, and community activities. Supporting intellectual development expands your knowledge and skills, reduces stress at work, and can lead to a more stimulating, engaging life! So how do you support your intellectual health while working remotely? Read on for some creative ideas. 

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Keeping Remote Company Culture Strong

With current events affecting businesses across the world, we’re no exception. However, we are ahead of the curve with developing a strong company culture while working remotely–our team has been a virtual community since Incorporate Massage (now Zenovate) began 10 years ago! We know it can be hard to stay connected when working from home, but we also know the importance of feeling part of something larger in times like these! We’re doing our best to reduce employee stress by making sure our team stays engaged, has a community connection, and feels supported. Read on to learn more about how we’re keeping our remote company culture strong. 

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Virtual Yoga For Employee Stress Management Programs

More and more people are heading online to make connections, stay motivated, find community, and keep healthy. Many yoga teachers offer online yoga classes, whether virtual or live. Including these classes as part of your employee stress management program can be a great way to keep your dispersed workforce healthy. Curious what the benefits of offering virtual yoga classes are? Read on to learn more about the physical and mental effects of yoga!

yoga for Employee Stress Management Program

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Releasing Stress in a Stay At Home World

Working from home may seem like the dream. Meeting calls from the couch? No need to change out of your pajamas? But remote work comes with its own set of stressors. Our team has been working from home since Zenovate began 10 years ago, so we have some experience with promoting health and wellness, even when its virtual! Let us share our top tips for ways to reduce stress at work. 

releasing stress in a stay at home world

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Perks to Manage Remote Employee Stress

Awesome perks such as gym memberships, free lunches and onsite chair massage have become increasingly popular ways to reward employees. But what about remote teams? Providing perks to manage remote employee stress can help a dispersed team feel connected. This can make a huge impact on employees happiness at work. In fact, studies have shown that feeling appreciated increases office morale and employee retention. Read on for our suggestions to celebrate your remote team!

Perks for remote teams

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The Challenges of Working Remotely

Creative ways to reduce stress at work

As more and more businesses around the world move to a virtual workplace during the COVID19 pandemic, employees are encountering the challenges of working remotely. We know you want your team to feel supported, but as an employer you may be concerned about keeping your team productive and connected. We’re here to help ease the transition, by identifying the biggest stumbling blocks, and creative ways to reduce stress at work. Turning these challenges into successes! Read on to learn more. 

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