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Virtual Yoga Classes for Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

More and more people are heading online to make connections, stay motivated, find community, and keep healthy. Even before COVID-19 our world was shifting online, but now it’s become virtual even faster! Companies have shifted to remote work, and many yoga teachers now offer online guided yoga classes–whether virtual or live. Including these classes as part of your employee assistance program can be a great way to keep your remote workforce healthy. Curious what the benefits of offering virtual yoga classes are? Read on to learn more about the physical and mental effects of yoga!

EAP Yoga


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What is an Employee Assistance Program – EAP?

Maybe you’ve heard of Employee Assistance Programs — or EAPs, but it’s likely you’ve never used one before. That’s because even though EAPs are a 4 billion dollar industry, and 78% of companies have an EAP, utilization is only 4.5%! These programs are intended to provide support for employees, but many people have no idea that they exist, or what they are. So, read on to learn what an Employee Assistance Program is! 

What is an Employee Assistance Program - EAP?

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Employee Assistance Program Ideas

Over the last 50 years, the typical office setting has drastically changed. It’s not just the progression of technology or the sudden shift to employees working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic that’s created a different landscape! Businesses are starting to focus on the health and happiness of employees as a key part of a successful business. The well being of employees is finally considered an important aspect of a company’s culture. And because of this, traditional employee assistance programs just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Companies are on the lookout for new employee assistance program ideas⁠—programs that will actually take care of their staff! Instead of simply checking the box to say they’re paying for mental health services for their staff, they’re looking for programs that actually serve their team’s needs. Here are 3 growing trends in workplace wellness you should know about.

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Managing Stress and Emotions When Working Remotely

Spending 9 to 5 in the office is beginning to become a thing of the past. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has shifted the corporate landscape, with many companies moving towards remote work. Remote teams have many benefits for companies, such as reduction of costs related to renting office spaces, more productive staff, a more flexible lifestyle for team members, the ability to bring on talent from anywhere in the world and more! However, the impacts of COVID-19 — from health scares to company layoffs — combined with a new remote schedule and office location (a.k.a. the living room!) has left many employees feeling more stressed than ever before. Read on to learn how to manage stress while working remotely!

Managing Stress and Emotions When Working Remotely

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5 Major Signs of Burnout, Prevention and Treatment

In our work providing corporate chair massages, we hear from a lot of HR mangers and wellness directors about an important topic: employee burnout. These wellness directors, HR managers, and CEOs know burnout is a real issue, which is why we’re there in the first place.

Like most anything, it’s easier to prevent an issue than to try to pick up the pieces after something has exploded. So here are some signs and symptoms of employee burnout — and what to do about them.

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Improve Employee Wellbeing with a Positive Financial Mindset

Almost every American has had the experience of feeling stressed about money–it’s practically a universal experience! Whether you’ve felt burdened by debt, worried about family expenses, or your retirement fund, you likely know the feeling of financial stress. Whatever the reason, financial stress can affect employee wellbeing, impacting health, sleep, relationships and more. Improve your financial wellbeing by shifting your financial mindset with the exercises below!

meditation to relieve financial worry

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10 Minute Guided Meditation

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t slow your mind down, your thoughts are racing after a long day at work, or your stress levels are simply too high, guided meditation might be the perfect practice for you! Guided meditation is when a meditation practitioner talks viewers through every step of the meditation process. Using meditation techniques practitioners guide viewers through the process of slowly clearing their minds, and through a series of steps that bring calm and relaxation. 

virtual meditation for remote workers during the workday

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