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Overworking: The Effects on Mental Health

There’s nothing like a long day of work.

We brag about it. We attach our worth and identity to it. We feel that it makes us great employees.

But… does it? And is it really worth it?

Overworking has some detrimental effects on mental health and doesn’t necessarily lead to better productivity. Read on to learn what overworking is, how many people actually overwork, the consequences of overworking, and how to deal with it as an employee and an employer.

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Beating Employee Stress Using Music Therapy at Work

If you’re looking for unique ways to bring wellness to your employees, music therapy has some interesting uses and benefits.

Music therapy can be used for several specific physical or mental wellness conditions, as well as for general personal growth, empowerment, and stress reduction. See how you can use music therapy – and music in general – for stress in the workplace.

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How to Increase Employee Retention

The biggest problem managers have with employee retention is not knowing what steps to take to improve it.

It’s like being on a sinking ship and not knowing where the leak is to fix it. Managers who are losing employees left and right are stumped. And all you’re looking for is an answer to the question: Why are my employees leaving?

In this article, learn how to increase employee retention starting today!

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How to Improve Employee Morale

If you’re wondering how to improve employee morale, you’ve come to the right place. Employee morale is one of the most asked-about topics in the world of company culture.

High morale only occurs when employees feel taken care of and appreciated. And because this past year has been filled with stressful distractions, ensuring your employees are getting the support they need to be their best selves each day is more important than ever.

We talked to some Human Resources professionals to see how they measure and improve employee morale at their offices. 

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