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3 Ways Corporate Massage Lowers Employee Turnover

Time and time again, there is one main reason employees cite for leaving one job for another: “My manager sucked.”

This boils down to culture. A company culture that allows managers to perform poorly will be a company with a high turnover rate. Poorly performing management teams could be due to managers themselves being overworked or by not being managed well from above.

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The History of Chair Massage: The Surprising Backstory

The inventor of the chair massage should win a Nobel Peace Prize, or at least be nominated. That being said, who should we credit?

In our modern society chock full of office workers that are slaves to the computer and all the terrible postures that come with it, chair massage is a godsend. Chair massage without even having to leave the office easily brings this relaxing and restorative therapy to the masses. But we didn’t come up with the concept. So who did?

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