August 11, 2017 Erin Hall

Company Culture Ideas to Steal: How to Hire for Culture Match

What steps do you take the hire the right people? How can you keep your employees engaged with the company while they continue to grow their skills?

We recently got a chance to chat with Stephanie Larsen, the Benefits & Wellness Manager for HealthEquity, and she touched on those questions and more.

HealthEquity has made it a priority to build a company culture that helps employees thrive. Check out the video to hear how they did it:

Company Culture Ideas: How HealthEquity Keeps Employees Engaged

As a public health practitioner, Stephanie is passionate about holistic health, learning, and balance. She earned her undergraduate degree from BYU and her Master of Public Health degree from Boston University.

In this interview, Stephanie talks shop about all things workplace wellness, including the impact of workplace culture on wellness and vice versa.

Here’s Stephanie:

“We are one of the nation’s oldest and one of it’s largest dedicated health savings account custodians. I’m sure you’re probably familiar with a health savings account. It’s a triple taxed advantage account that lets people save money for health care expenses, either now or in retirement…”

HealthEquity’s internal mentorship program lines up coworkers who wouldn’t otherwise work together, so employees can learn from each other.

They’ve also established a career path series so employees can learn about different opportunities within the company.

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company culture ideas

Stephanie Larsen, HealthEquity 

Watch the video for all the info:

  • What in the world are “purple people” and why does HealthEquity want them?
  • How does HealthEquity allow employees to learn about other departmental career paths?
  • Why is using the words “employee” or “HR department” frowned upon? What do they say instead?
  • How does HealthEquity make sure they embrace a top-down effect of workplace culture?



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