November 18, 2016 Emily Russon

Gratitude Gifts for Employees: 6 Office Gratitude Ideas

It’s that time of year when showing gratitude is on everyone’s minds. One of the most important places to show your gratitude is at work — you spend most of your time there, so you better keep the people happy.

Showing gratitude at work should continue far beyond the month of November. Feeling appreciated is important to employees and will improve your company’s culture. In this article, we’ll give you 6 ways to show your gratitude all year long.

6 Ways to Show Gratitude for Your Employees

 gifts for employees

1. Create a gratitude wall.

A gratitude wall is a simple way that employees can publicly acknowledge their coworkers for all the little things they do for each other.

All you need is a simple cork board, some sticky notes, and some thumb tacks set up in a public area. Often, seeing others’ thank you shout outs will inspire people to write their own.


2. Thank the people who never get thanked.

There are always people who don’t get the thanks they deserve in the office. Secretaries, cleaning crews, and interns are usually a few of those people. Acknowledge how much easier they make your job.

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3. Indulge your employees.

Once in a while, offering your employees an indulgent perk can go a long way.

Take them out to lunch, bring in chair massage, or give out gift certificates to your star employees. Sometimes an extra perk can give someone the motivation to keep performing well.

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gifts for employees


4. Send a good old fashioned thank you note.

Sometimes it’s inconvenient (or even impossible) to say “thank you” in person.

A handwritten thank-you note is a meaningful way to share your gratitude. Just drop it on the recipient’s desk when you’re finished.


5. Skip the note, and say Thank You in person.

Sometimes a face-to-face conversation will mean more to someone than a note will. Depending on who you’re thanking, consider just stopping by their office and saying a quick “thanks” for all they’ve done.


gifts for employees


6. Bring treats to the office.

Who doesn’t like treats? Bringing in a sweet snack to share is a cheap and yummy way to let everyone know how grateful you are.


Showing your gratitude doesn’t have to be hard. Try a few of these ideas and brainstorm your own!


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