May 12, 2016 Erin Hall

Health & Wellness Lunch and Learn Topics

Nobody wants to attend boring lunch and learns with uninspired food and a pointless presentation. If you’re looking for lunch and learn ideas on health and wellness, this list will get you started.

In this article, we’ll cover 6 lunch and learn ideas including fitness, stress management, nutrition and more.

Lunch and Learn Ideas for Healthy Employees

health and wellness lunch and learn topics

1. Food and Nutrition

Finding ways to eat healthy food with a busy work/life schedule can be tough. Some people struggle with knowing what kinds of foods are best for their body, others may want to know more about portion controls, or simple ways to clean up a diet.

There’s no one-size-fits-all diet for everyone, because we’re all dealing with different issues. But there are some good basics that generally apply to everyone.

  • Bring in a nutritionist to talk about healthy snacks to bring to work
  • Provide a cooking demonstration

To make the biggest impact with a lunch and learn session on nutrition, a company should also make sure the food they provide on a regular basis are minimally processed, nutritious whole foods.

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2. Fitness

Exercise is the second only to nutrition when it comes to keeping healthy. Keep your employees motivated for hitting the gym — or inspire them to start — with a lunch and learn session on fitness.

  • Learn some quick do-anywhere exercises.
  • Review a variety of 7-minute workouts.
    • Seven minutes? Really? Yep, it’s true. It’s called high-intensity interval training (or HIIT).
    • This kind of fitness regime is designed to target major muscle groups and elevate your heart rate enough for an efficient full-body workout.
  • Hold an employee talk-back. 
    • Got a team member who has seen serious results with their personal fitness goals? Ask them to talk about their experience with their peers.
    • No one needs to be at body-builder status to make this work — even reaching a goal of an unbroken streak of physical activity everyday is something to be proud of.


lunch and learn ideas


3. Breathing

It’s not just super-stressed out people who don’t breathe properly. At any given moment, we could be breathing improperly and making life harder on ourselves.

A lunch and learn session on proper breathing techniques can help employees learn simple tricks to better breathing.

Breathing right reduces stress hormones, and creates a clearer mind.

Want some ideas of where to start? We’ve got a list of 6 great breathing techniques right here: Breathing Exercises for Workplace Stress Relief


4. Stress-busters

There’s a whole industry of desktop gadgets to relieve stress: mini zen gardens to rake, squishy stress balls, soothing light boxes. The list could be endless. But these desk toys are just a small part of reducing workplace stress.

Hold a lunch and learn to review some effective ways to combat workplace stress. Employees can share what works for them, and learn some simple tricks for minimizing the everyday causes of stress.

Of course, much of your employees’ stress could be due to larger company issues that a bandaid won’t fix. But a little stress relief can go a long way.

Talk about how the following ideas could work for your company:

  • Leaving work stress at work, and not taking it home
  • Taking frequent breaks reduces stress and improves concentration
  • Using the pomodoro technique for better focus and clarity
  • How better organization and communication can reduce workplace stress


health and wellness lunch and learn topics


5. Exercises at your desk

Staying in one position for hours at a stretch takes it’s toll.Whether your employees sit or stand all day, some muscles are getting overly tight while others get neglected. Talk about ways to keep their bodies as nimble as possible throughout the workday.

Whether it’s simply learning tips for better posture, or easy stretches to do at your desk, exercising at work is definitely possible.

At a lunch and learn event like this, employees can learn about all the ways to keep their bodies happy and healthy at work. Depending on what kind of work your employees do, they may be encouraged to move a little more, or a little less, during the work day.


6. Best local activities for health

Host a lunch and learn where employees can get the scoop on up-coming local events that will be a boost in their wellness.

Solicit local fitness companies or event managers to come speak to your employees about their events.

  • Mud runs, or other theme races
  • Traditional 5k or 10k events
  • Hiking groups
  • Commuter bike challenges
  • Opening dates for local farmers markets

Getting engaged with local activities is a great way for employees to meet new people, find new active interests, and ensure that wellness is a key aspect of their lives.




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