January 5, 2016 Erin Hall

How Much Space Is Needed For Corporate Chair Massages?

If you’re looking into bringing chair massage into your office for the first time, you’ll have a lot of questions. (Personally, we love answering questions about seated massage.)

A typical concern is about how much space it takes to give a chair massage. Fear not, the answer is below.

how much space do you need for chair massage?

How Much Space Does Chair Massage



 The basic chair massage set up

To set up a single massage chair, all that’s required is a space about 5×5 feet. The chair itself only takes up a fraction of that space.

The rest of the area is used for the massage therapist to move all around the chair to work the client’s neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and back.

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Setting up a more robust seated massage program

Most companies who provide in-office massage will use an extra office space or unused meeting room for the massages.

A bigger space like this can allow for several massage chairs to be set up at once, allowing for more massages to happen at one time. 

For even larger massage events, a large conference room can accommodate a huge number of therapists and their chairs.



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