December 8, 2015 Erin Hall

How This One Hiring Decision Changes a Company’s Culture

When hiring for an open position, you may be wondering if your best bet is to recruit internally or hire a newcomer.

See what the latest Society for Human Resource Management report has to say. 

Internal Recruiting as a Corporate Culture Key

internal recruiting

Want your top positions to perform better? Your first step is to promote from within. Your current pool of talent has already received tons of time, money, and resources so why not leverage that and build loyalty at the same time?

Read SHRM’s recruiting report here.

Recent studies show that talent recruited from current staff members led to more productivity. There’s really no reason a company should not be promoting from within their current ranks.

As we’ve talked about before, all businesses should be encouraging their employees to further their career skill set. The logical next stop to this further training and experience is to move employees up through the ranks of the company — as far as they’re interested in going. 

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internal recruiting

What Does Internal Recruiting Do for Morale? 

Promoting internally, rather than hiring from outside the company is an impactful way to bring team members closer together. When an outsider is brought into a position that a longtime employee has been vying for, tensions will mount and morale will sink. The resulting feeling for that employee is: why bother? 

Internal recruiting has the following benefits: 

  • Increases employee morale
  • increases employee loyalty
  • Saves money in training a new employee from the ground up

Boosting employee morale is a key part of creating a winning culture. And a company’s hiring practices can have a direct impact on that morale. If internal recruiting isn’t possible for some reason, at least involve current employees in the hiring process. You can do this by letting them be part of the interview and selection process of their new team members. 



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