November 3, 2016 Emily Russon

How to Improve Wellness Program Participation: 4 Simple Tasks

Are you struggling to get employees on board with your company’s wellness program? A wellness program doesn’t do any good if no one’s using it, and finding the right way to increase participation can be difficult.

In this article we’ll give you 4 ways to improve participation in your wellness program.

4 Ways to Boost Wellness Program Participation


boost wellness program participation


1. Survey your employees

Make sure you’re giving them what they want. Survey your employees to make sure that your wellness programs are serving them well. If physical health isn’t a high priority for your employees, consider offering mental and emotional support or financial wellness classes.


2. Make it free

If you are offering what your employees want but they’re still not showing up, try offering it for free. People are much more willing to participate in things they don’t have to pay for.

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3. Advertise

People can’t participate in your wellness program if they don’t know it exists! Email, posters, and verbal reminders at meetings are all great ways to increase participation. But don’t just do it once — consistency is key.


4. Bribe your employees

When all else fails, a good old-fashioned bribe can go a long way. Give away simple prizes to those who participate, such as:

  • healthy snacks
  • fitness trackers
  • gift cards
  • water bottles

You could also give away a larger prize like an iPad or year-long gym pass through a drawing once a year or every quarter.

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