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Office Massages: Zenovate vs. Infinite Massage

Corporate massage therapy is picking up speed in most major cities. While that means more employee massages, it also means more massage companies to choose from. If you’re wondering how to choose the best option for your company, there are some factors to consider.

In this article, we’ll provide a comparison of our company, Zenovate, with Infinite Massage, which is another hot contender in the world of office massage therapy.

infinite massage and zenovate


Zenovate vs. Infinite Massage: Reviews


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Office Massage Service Overview

Some massage companies offer mobile office massage in addition to other services and programs.

But both Infinite Massage and Zenovate are solely focused on delivering office massage to companies as a benefit for employees.

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Office Massage Cost Comparison

Office massage companies typically deliver workplace massage in two ways: at a special event or as part of an on-going program. Here’s how Infinite Massage and Zenovate compare when it comes to pricing.


Prices for Massage Events

Infinite Massage does not list event pricing on their website. To request a quote, you may contact them via their website form.

Here at Zenovate, we provide a list of our office massage program costs online: Corporate Chair Massage Prices: What Does it Cost?

Our pricing generally ranges from $70-$105 an hour per therapist and includes travel, supplies, and even tips.

incorporate massage and infinite massage

Cost of Massage Programs at Work

As mentioned above, Infinite Massage does not list prices on their website, but there is a contact form to request a quote for a massage program. They offer payment options that include 100% company-sponsored, 100% employee paid, or any combination of a cost-sharing split.

At Zenovate, we only work with companies that pay for some or all of the massage program. We do not work with businesses that only want an employee-paid program. You can read more about why we made that decision here.

There are three different massage program levels, and each comes with its own per hour pricing. Programs range from $75 to $90 per therapist per hour. From our starter program, which makes it simple and easy to get started, to our Unlimited program which includes processing employee payments and a completely customizable program structure, we’ve got options to fit every company.

Learn more about our massage program options here. 

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Office Massage Locations Served

Both Zenovate and Infinite Massage are national massage firms that provide massage to many major metropolitan areas and are steadily growing into new markets.

Both companies are adding new cities to their service areas very quickly, so it’s only a matter of time until you’ll see them both in your area. Here’s a list of our current locations.



Massage Therapists for Workplace Massage

Infinite Massage works with a network of licensed massage therapists who are contractors with the company.  Their therapists are insured, trained in chair massage techniques, and put through a screening process.

Most of the therapists at Zenovate are employees of our organization. Our therapists go through a 2-week hiring and onboarding process. We provide a comprehensive training program, and maintain each therapists’ licensing, insurance, and certifications. Each therapist is covered by their own individual insurance policy, as well as Zenovate’s liability policy for their organization.

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scheduling office massage service


In-Office Massage Scheduling

Both companies offer online scheduling systems to make booking easier on the clients.

Zenovate can book just about anything with a week’s notice, and many times can provide same-day staffing for corporate massage as well. We also provide online scheduling for massage events, as well as a robust scheduling platform for the Premium Service Programs. We also have a mobile app called BreakTime, that allows employees to conveniently schedule their monthly or weekly massages.




Both Infinite Massage and Zenovate offer a great morale-boosting service to companies that want to improve their employees’ work days. Before committing to either company, do some research on your own to determine the best massage company for your needs.

In either case, your employees are sure to thank you.

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