April 2, 2020 Casie Fox

Keeping Remote Company Culture Strong

With current events affecting businesses across the world, we’re no exception. However, we are ahead of the curve with developing a strong company culture while working remotely–our team has been a virtual community since Incorporate Massage (now Zenovate) began 10 years ago! We know it can be hard to stay connected when working from home, but we also know the importance of feeling part of something larger in times like these! We’re doing our best to reduce employee stress by making sure our team stays engaged, has a community connection, and feels supported. Read on to learn more about how we’re keeping our remote company culture strong. 

How we’re working hard to reduce employee stress

Team building challenges

Just because you’re not in the office together doesn’t mean you can’t complete team challenges and reduce employee stress together! Get creative and arrange virtual games to keep your staff engaged. One of our company values is “work hard, play hard” so we make sure that value is alive in our  remote company culture with fun challenges. As a remote team, we’re spread across the U.S. so we started a challenge to virtually walk across America, passing through each employee’s home town. Staff members are in teams, and track their steps during the week to report their count. To add to the competitive game, it’s also a race to see which team goes the furthest. We’ve almost made it from California to Florida

Looking for other ideas? See if your team can complete 30 days of yoga, or who can log the most hours meditating! 


Virtual town hall

Another one of our company values is “talk it out”–and that value doesn’t change during challenging times! In fact, it becomes even more important. Each Monday we host a town hall meeting where our entire admin team gets together virtually. The executive team shares updates about the company. Anyone can ask questions, and we all get to see each other’s faces! It’s a great time to connect and chat. Plus, we make sure our whole team feels fully informed about the company and COVID-19 impacts. Knowledge is power, so we’re keeping everyone informed to reduce employee stress.



On top of hosting a town hall for admin staff, we’re making sure to transparently communicate with our team of massage therapists. We have thousands of amazing massage therapists employed across North America, and we want to make sure they know how we’re handling COVID-19. We know in a virtual workplace it can be easy to feel disconnected, and that doesn’t help with reducing employee stress. So we’ve made it a priority to keep every single team member in the loop, and “make people happy!” 


Finding ways to help

“Be the solution” is another of the pillars of our remote company culture! We’ve been doing our best to get involved in fighting COVID-19. We’re making sure our team is able to continue providing all the benefits of massage, by offering virtual guided massage (and even providing additional health and happiness through virtual meditation, life coaching, nutrition and yoga experiences). We’re also doing our part to help fight the virus by offering our calendar platform to COVID-19 testing facilities! Our technology is helping Utah testing centers by managing their schedules and helping keep busy medical teams organized.



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