August 2, 2019 Erin Hall

6 Best Housekeeping Appreciation Week Ideas

National housekeeping appreciation week is just around the corner! September 8th-14th is the time of year when we honor and appreciate the dedicated workers who keep our offices, hotel rooms, and lobbies clean and tidy. Check out these top housekeeping appreciation week ideas. 

Housekeeper Carrying Towels with Text Housekeeping Appreciation Week Best Gift Ideas

Best Housekeeping Appreciation Week Ideas

1. Return the Favor

A gift of professional house-cleaning for each housekeeper’s own home will be much appreciated. Lower the risk of burnout by taking care of those employees that work so hard to take care of your guests!

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2. Tokens of Service

Recognize loyalty. A personalized coffee mug, plaque, an engraved pen set, or other token acknowledging so many years of service can be a great gift. But make sure you don’t go cheap. Choose high quality momentos that will be cherished, rather than something they’ll just throw away. 

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3. Gift Certificates for Housekeeping Week

Everyone loves a gift certificate! A local restaurant, movie tickets, or sports tickets — something your employee can enjoy on their days off is a great way to show appreciation for these dedicated workers.

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4. Celebrate in Style

Whatever kind of gift you choose for your housekeepers, make it an event to remember. Consider holding a lunchtime ceremony where the whole team can thank and appreciate each housekeeper with a round of applause and an individual word of appreciation.

5. Personal Recognition

Regardless of what kind of physical gift is chosen, each housekeeping employee should be given personal recognition. A hand-written card from management to each employee shows recognition and personal appreciation from the top.

6. Housekeeping Appreciation Week Massage

The physical work of housekeeping can take its toll. Keep your housekeepers feeling strong and full of vitality by bringing a chair massage service into the building to provide 15 or 20 minute massages. This will greatly help ease sore muscles, avoid injury, and encourage relaxation. For the best return on investment, establish a regular in-office massage service for your housekeepers. 

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