November 30, 2016 Erin Hall

Tis the Season: Massage for Office Holiday Parties

If you’re bringing in massage as an element to your next office holiday party, you’ll want to consider the best way to arrange it.

In this article, we’ll cover basic information on how to organize the set-up for a holiday party massage event.

This means how long your massages should last, where to set up the massage chairs, and how many therapists you should plan for.

Our Best Tips for Setting Up Holiday Party Massage


Holiday party massage


There are a few basics to prep for having massage for an office holiday party. Here’s what you’ll need to consider:

  • How long should the massages last?
  • How many massage therapists will we need?
  • Where should the massages take place?

Get these details nailed down, and you’ll be ready for a fabulous office holiday party complete with on site massage.


Timing of Holiday Party Massages

For events like holiday parties, your best bet is to have your massage therapists present for the whole event.

Arrange for your therapists to arrive about 15 minutes early to allow enough time for them to set up their massage chairs and be ready to go when guests arrive.

Depending on the length of your event, you’ll probably want to have 5-15 minute massage sessions.


massage for office holiday parties


Number of Therapists

If there are too few therapists, not enough attendees will get massages. Too many therapists, and you may be paying for more massage time than you’re getting if therapists are standing around idle.

You’ll determine the number of therapists by how many people you’re expecting at your holiday party, how long the event will last, and how long each massage session will be. Your massage company can help you figure out these details.


Holiday party massage at work


Where’s a Good Location for Holiday Party Massage?

Since massage chairs don’t take up too much space, it should be pretty simple to find a good spot for them.

If you’ll have food set up at a buffet table, make sure there is some distance between food and the massage chairs, since lines will start to form at both locations.

Same goes for any live music or dance area you may have. Massage chairs don’t need to be hidden away in a dark corner (unless that’s what you want!) — just make sure they’re easy to access and the lines that form won’t interfere with your other activities.


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