May 26, 2017 Emily Russon

4 Key Reasons to Provide Conference Chair Massage

Are you considering providing chair massage at an upcoming convention or conference? With so many different conferences and conventions in any given field every year, it’s important to make sure yours stands apart from your competitors. Conference chair massage is a great way to do that! In this article, we’ll give you 4 reasons why you should offer chair massage at your upcoming convention.

Conference Chair Massage: Why offer it?

 1. Chair massage is a great way to draw people into your conventions.

Before your convention even starts, your marketing materials should include the fact that you’re offering chair massages. Although chair massage alone probably won’t be enough to convince just anyone to attend, those who are on the fence will see it as an added bonus. It’ll tell them that you’re invested in providing a great conference experience and that you’re dedicated to making sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

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2. Convention chair massage causes hype

When people see massage chairs, they start to flock. There’s bound to be a waiting time for chair massages at your event. Use this time as a chance to talk to the people waiting in line. You can survey them on their conference experience, gather their contact information, or even pitch a product to them. It can be hard to find a place to really interact with your attendees, but while they’re waiting for a massage, you’ll be catching them in a place they already want to be where they already have to wait.

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3. Conference chair massage gives guests a break

Spending a full day constantly walking across a convention center and standing in lines is pretty exhausting—and when it’s multiple days in a row, that stress can add up. Treating your attendees to just a few minutes of chair massage will give them a chance to refresh. They’ll definitely appreciate the relief.

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4. Convention chair massage is memorable

People love free stuff! Whether it’s a pen or a t-shirt or a water bottle, they’re interested. Massage takes this interest to a whole new level. They may forget the free pen they got from your conference, but they won’t be able to forget a free chair massage. When it comes time to buy tickets for next year, they’ll remember that experience. (Not to mention, they’ll probably tweet about it or tell their colleagues.) Massage is the promotional tool that keeps on giving.


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