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Virtual Stress Relief and Wellness for Today's Teams

Connect your remote teams to virtual wellness tools to increase morale, reduce stress, and improve culture.

Customized <b>Personal</b> Experiences

Customized Personal Experiences

Custom employee sessions are designed to meet specific stress management needs. Employees get exactly what they need when they need it.

Powerful <b>Data</b> and Reporting

Powerful Data and Reporting

Track employee stress and engagement across the entire organization. Get the critical insights you need into health and culture to prove ROI and justify benefits.

Engagement through <b>Interaction</b>

Engagement through Interaction

Live sessions allow employees to ask questions, get feedback, and interact with coworkers in an unparalleled experience of community and engagement.

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Onsite Corporate Massage Services

The easiest way to bring corporate chair massage into the office and manage it all in one simple portal.

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Anytime, Anywhere.

Employees can book corporate chair massages online in seconds with our easy-to-use app. Companies can schedule and control how and when their teams get workplace massages. Calendar integration, SMS reminders, and slick utilization reports are always included.

Corporate Massage Coverage Across North America.

Multiple Locations. One Simple Login.

With over 1200 corporate massage therapists in 129 metro locations across North America, we’ve always got you covered. Book and manage corporate chair massages for every company location in a single spot. One vendor, one invoice, one transaction, one portal.

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