May 18, 2017 Emily Russon

5 Reasons to Provide Backstage Massage

Before the lights come on and the crowd shuffles in, performers are getting ready backstage. Even the most experienced of performers will experience pre-performance jitters and stress. It’s just part of the business. One of the very best ways to combat these sources of anxiety is to offer backstage massage. In this article, we’ll explain why you need to offer  massage at your next event.

5 Ways Backstage Chair Massage Will Improve Your Next Event

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What is backstage massage?

It’s exactly what it sounds like— a massage for performers either before or after their show. If you’re looking for massage for a small group of performers, table massage may be a good option. For larger groups, you may want to try chair massage.

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Either way you go, massage is a great treat for any kind of performer for any kind of event, including:

  • concerts
  • comedy shows
  • symphonies
  • plays
  • lectures

No matter what kind of performer you’re treating, they’ll love the rest and relaxation.

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5 Reasons to Provide Massage at Your Next Event

Backstage massage can be beneficial for all involved! Let’s talk about how:

1. Backstage Massages Decrease Stress

Because there’s so much that goes into a performance, it’s easy for VIPs to become stressed. Backstage massage will help alleviate their anxieties and calm their worried minds. 

2. Concert Massage Increases Focus and Mental Clarity

Studies are show that a simple 15-minute chair massage can deliver more focus—an incredible asset for any kind of performers. Whether they need to remember their lines, a sick guitar solo, or the punchlines to their jokes, any performer can see worthwhile results from even a short massage. 

3. Chair Massage Gives Performers Peace and Calm 

Backstage is a hectic, fast-paced environment that raises stress levels and performing is a high-energy activity. Treating your performers to a chair massage can restore the peace and calm they need to do their best.

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4. Concert Massage Helps Performers

The first three reasons we’ve already talked about show how your performers will be directly affected, but there are secondhand benefits as well. Because the performers are relaxed and focused, they’ll have a better performance.

5. Offering Backstage Massage Will Boost Your Reputation

Let’s be honest—offering massage doesn’t have to be completely altruistic.Whether you’re a venue manager or the manager of a performer or group of performers, VIPs will appreciate that you took the time to set up some R&R time. It’s a unique perk that people love and it makes you look great!

Chair massage at work is more that just a perk.

Learn more about how massage offers serious benefits for employees and employers.

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