March 26, 2020 Casie Fox

Releasing Stress in a Stay At Home World

Working from home may seem like the dream. Meeting calls from the couch? No need to change out of your pajamas? But remote work comes with its own set of stressors. Our team has been working from home since Zenovate began 10 years ago, so we have some experience with promoting health and wellness, even when its virtual! Let us share our top tips for ways to reduce stress at work. 

releasing stress in a stay at home world

Ways to reduce stress at work

Set a schedule and stick to it

When working from home, a typical 9 to 5 schedule often goes out the window. It can cause added stress when your schedule fluctuates, your office mates expect you to be on at all times, and your home-life creeps into your office hours. Setting a schedule and sticking to it, can be helpful in setting expectations, and making sure you take the time you need for yourself as well.  A set schedule is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to reduce stress at work


Take a break

As you’re creating that schedule, don’t forget to add breaks in! Reports have shown that remote workers take fewer breaks, and that can actually be detrimental to your productivity. Add breaks into your work calendar, so that alerts pop up and you remember to walk away from your home office-at least for a moment! 


Self massage

Massage is an amazing way to reduce stress at work. Experience guided massage online, to reap the serotonin boosting, rejuvenating powers of an massage–without leaving your home office. Try the video below, and let us know if this 5 minute stress reducing massage helped create more health and wellness in the workplace!


Get moving 

Exercise is a powerful stress-buster. Studies show that getting your body moving dramatically reduces stress, and fills your body and brain with feel-good endorphins. Use one of your scheduled breaks to take a walk outdoors or hop on a virtual yoga class, and feel positive effects!

Yoga with Zenovate

yoga class


Create a dedicated workspace

Beat office stress by creating a place you’re happy to work from! Working from home might mean you don’t have a specific workspace. Setting up a dedicated office, where you’re comfortable and can focus, is a great way to reduce stress at work. Even if you don’t have a lot of room, clear the space around your computer from mess and distraction. Then consider adding an ergonomic chair, sit-stand desk or essential oil diffuser to help make your space more conducive to health and wellness in the workplace. 


Set expectations

A new routine takes some getting used to, and adjusting to a remote office means your work and your home life will be affected by the change. We recommend having honest conversations and setting expectations on both sides. Let management know if you’ll be working a new schedule to accommodate childcare, or if you need to take breaks offline for your mental health. Similarly, talk through boundaries around your work space and time with your family. Give everyone (yourself included!) time to adapt. 

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