March 4, 2016 Erin Hall

Top 7 Employee Recognition Apps & Programs to Improve Culture

We all know how important employee recognition is for keeping morale high. And companies today have tons of options when it comes to automating employee feedback.

In this article, we’ll review the top 7 staff feedback and recognition programs you can buy, including features and price of each system.

top employee evaluation apps

Apps and software that integrate with an employee feedback and reward system are bringing employee recognition into the modern age. These products allow HR managers to automate and improve their employee evaluation and recognition systems.

All information is kept confidential within each company’s profiles.Most of the systems provide public (within the company) feedback for individuals, while executives are able to see detailed stats and analysis reports. See details about each system below. 

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Here are some of the more popular employee feedback apps, programs, and software.

 Best Programs for Employee Evaluation


Bonusly allows you to give employees a monthly point allowance that they can use to recognize their teammates for everyday wins. Those earned points convert to dollars that can be spent on any of the gift cards in their extensive catalog. Bonusly’s integration with other software such as Slack make their platform great for dispersed teams like ours at Incorporate Massage! Personalized notes and hashtags can be sent with each bonus as well, helping to build a fun and supportive rapport between team members.

Price: $3-5 per user per month for companies with 1-100 employees. Request a quote for larger companies.




Kazoo provides a system of social recognition with real time public information. Employees and managers alike are able to reward their coworkers with points for specific actions. Mangers setup the system with their own company values and employees can be rewarded for demonstrating that value. This builds a culture of appreciation. Points can be exchanged for products, gift cards, donations to non-profits, time off, and more.

Price: Request a quote online

Visit: Kazoo



In addition to social recognition, Teamphoria also allows users to give “anonymous vents,” which could be helpful for airing grievances in a constructive way. Team members are able to make suggestions to the company which each user can vote on. Individuals are also able to make a direct request for feedback on anything in particular. Managers can keep tabs on morale with reports and dashboards.

Price: Request a quote online, based on number of users each month


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Achievers provides a way of integrating several employee programs into one platform. This means linking all your rewards and incentives programs into one system — including referrals for recruiting, wellness achievements, recognition, service awards, and sales incentives. Users can reward their coworkers with points that can be redeemed for gifts. Rewards include travel, donations, or a prepaid Visa card.

Price: Request a quote online



Tap My Back

Tap My Back is a platform for providing peer recognition across the whole company. Employees get recognition for their jobs well done, and managers get reports and analysis of how everyone is doing. Team leaders are able to define the actions that can be recognized and rewarded, which triggers behavioral change according to your values and goals. This product also integrates with Slack, making it an easy addition for companies that stay in touch that way.

Price: $80/month – $100/month, based on payment schedule



best employee feedback programs


Give a Wow

Give a Wow by Terryberry allows coworkers to recognize peers with public mentions and appreciation. It can be integrated with typical social media platforms to make the recognition even more public among employees friends and family. The system helps to develop positive communication and appreciation. Rewards include certificates, anniversary cards, and ability to trade points from items from their online store.

Price: $99/month – $2,500/month, based on number of users


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In addition to social recognition, Workhuman includes talent maps to assist with succession and development concerns, as well as performance reviews. Executives have access to data and reporting. Employees can choose to spend their earned points on over 25 million reward options. Mobile integrations allow Workhuman users to take the system with them anywhere they go.

Price: Request a quote online


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