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Twelve Months of Wellness

Mark your calendars, 2020 is here! We know you have a busy year ahead, full of hard work achieving goals AND celebrating your employees. It’s time to ring in the new year, planning your budget and time so that you can focus on what’s really important. From special occasions such as Employee Appreciation Day and National Boss’s Day to the lesser known Pizza Party Day, and all the important HR dates and deadlines in between, we’re here to make sure you never miss an opportunity to recognize your team with our 2020 wellness calendar.

So that you don’t miss a single celebration, we’ve created a calendar you can add to your Google account. 

Massage therapist gives massage to an employee


We all know the month begins with New Year’s Day, but did you know that January is National Thank You Month? What a wonderful opportunity to take time to appreciate your staff at the beginning of a busy year. We have some suggestions for a morale boosting, memorable event to thank your employees- such as a catered staff lunch, a staff outing to a local sports or music event, or our personal favorite – office massages. 

Dates to celebrate in January:

  • January 28: Have Fun at Work Day

Other helpful dates for HR professionals:

  • January 1: Marketplace health insurance coverage kicks in for 2020
  • January 27: Tax season begins
  • January 31: Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return Form 941 is due 
  • January 31: Distribute W-2 & 1099-MISC forms 


Spread the love during Valentine’s Day on February 14, but don’t forget to also recognize Heart Health Month! One way to keep your employees healthy and happy is with wellness fairs. By bringing healthcare into the office, you’ll assure that your staff is well taken care of. A massage booth is a wonderful addition to your fair, as an easy way to introduce its powerful health effects. Did you know massages have been proven to lower blood pressure? Making a massage event the perfect way to celebrate this month. 

Dates to keep in mind:

  • February 2 to 8: International Laboratory Animal Technician Week
  • February 6: Pay a Compliment Day
  • February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Important HR dates in February:

  • February 1: OSHA 300 and 300A Forms must be posted between February 1 and April 30
  • February 28: Deadline to file Form 1094-C, 1095-C, & 1099- MISC without NEC to IRS if paper filing

Employees appreciate one another boosting office morale.


Employee Appreciation Day is March 6 this year! Make sure your team knows how much you appreciate their hard work and effort all year long on this day. You can also celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week from March 8 to 14. Getting enough sleep allows employees to be as focused as possible throughout their work day. In fact, in a recent study, lack of sleep was proven to result in “significantly worse productivity, performance, and safety outcomes” and create an estimated a $1,967 loss in productivity per worker! One way to help your workers achieve a better night of rest (and ultimately protect your company from monetary losses!) is to bring in a massage therapist, since massage improves sleep.

Other days to celebrate your employees:

Important HR dates in March:

  • March 16: S-Corp (Form 1102-S) and partnership (Form 1065) tax returns due 
  • March 31: Deadline to file Form 1094-C & 1095-C & 1099- MISC without NEC to IRS if electronic filing

Stressed workers are the norm, let office massage relieve tension in the workplace


This is not an April Fools joke! National High Five Day is April 16, and it’s also Stress Awareness Day. We know you want to remember to high-five your amazing staff for a job well done, but even more importantly, commit to stress reduction in the office. We’re big believers in taking breaks, taking walks, in-office meditation stations, or getting relaxing massages to refresh your workers while on the job. 

April also celebrates Administrative Professionals Day on April 22. Since admin keep offices organized and running smoothly, they deserve an entire day to be celebrated. A culture of validation and acknowledgement can raise morale and make your employees feel seen and appreciated. Now we might be a little biased, but who wouldn’t love to start an office tradition of celebrating Admin Appreciation Day with chair massages for the whole team? That’s the sort of celebration that will make your staff feel amazing all year long.

Other dates to remember to recognize your team:

    • April 6 to 12: Public Health Week & April 7 is World Health Day
    • April 16: Stress Awareness Day
    • April 21: Library Workers Day
    • April 22: Admin Professionals Day
    • April 28: World Day for Safety and Health at Work 

Important HR dates in April:

    • April 15: Tax Day! Deadline to submit individual tax returns
    • April 30: Form 941 is due


May is Employee Health and Fitness Month, giving employers a chance to focus on the wellness of their dedicated and hardworking teams. We can’t recommend the health benefits of massage enough – from reduced back pain, lowered risk of repetitive use injuries, and so much more – it’s a powerful tool for creating a healthier workforce.

May is also a month that celebrates nurses and teachers with a whole week for each. From May 4 to 8, recognize the amazing teachers in your life, then between May 6 and 12, it’s National Nurse Week. We share a few ideas about how to lower stress and make the nurses on your hospital staff happier and healthier here

Other dates to celebrate:

  • May 4 to 8: Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 6 to 12: Nurses Appreciation Week 
  • May 10 to 16: National Hospital Week
  • May 13: Receptionist Day
  • May 17: Pizza Party Day
  • May 18: Armed Forces Day

Important dates in May for HR:

  • May 15: Non-profit taxes are due


In the midst of summertime, don’t forget to celebrate June 13 – Family Health and Fitness Day – and from June 22 to 26 it’s World Wellbeing Week. Demonstrate to your office that you truly care about their holistic wellbeing, by taking care of their families too! In organizations where employees do not view their leadership as committed to their wellbeing, only 17 percent would recommend them as a good place to work, so it’s truly important to make sure your staff knows you’re committed to their health and happiness. 

  • Men’s Health Month
  • June 13: Family Health and Fitness Day 
  • June 22 to 26: World Wellbeing Week. 

Important dates in June for HR:

  • June 30: End of Q2

A massage therapist gives an corporate chair massage to an employee


There are fireworks for Independence Day every year, but what about our personal favorite holiday – Everybody Deserves a Massage Week? We deeply believe that everyone deserves a massage, and we’re committed to making it simple and easy to bring high-quality massage experiences directly to your office! So from July 12 to 18, there are massage therapists at the ready to take care of your staff and make sure that everyone gets the care they deserve. What better way to celebrate your team’s successes!

  • July 5: Workaholics day 
  • July 12 to 18: Everybody Deserves a Massage Week

Important HR dates in July:

  • July 31: File form 941, employer’s quarterly tax return


August is National Wellness Month! A whole month to focus on self-care, managing stress and creating healthy routines. Promote healthy habits throughout your office this month to create a culture of wellness. Research has shown that employees with strong overall wellbeing are 32 percent more likely to stay with a company, so it pays off to make sure your staff is taking care of themselves. 

Dates to celebrate your staff in August:

Important HR dates in August:

  • August 1: Late filing deadline to file forms 1094-C and 1095-C for 2019


This fall, we want to make sure your team is aware of Pain Awareness Month. Office life can be tough on employees bodies, computer work takes a toll on low backs with 80 percent of Americans reporting back pain and repetitive movement injuries causing staff to take time off work. Take this month to address the pain your team might be experiencing, and make moves towards alleviating it! Ergonomic assessments, office wellness benefits and massage programs can go a long way towards alleviating workplace induced pain, with recipients reporting a 48 percent reduction in lower back pain and tension after being treated with a 15 to 20 minute massage.

Days to appreciate your staff in September:

Important HR dates in September: 

  • September 30: End of Q3

Employees working hard at their computers


In October, celebrate your front line! Customer Service Appreciation Week, from October 2 to 5, focuses on appreciating the voice and face of your company. Since they’re often the first person at your company a new client interacts with, it’s worth making sure your customer service team is happy so that their positive attitude translates into customer interactions.

Be sure to also celebrate Boss Appreciation Day! Set your leadership team up with 30 minute massages to celebrate the occasion, and next thing you know they’ll be looking into massage for the whole office.

Dates to remember in October:

HR dates for October:

  • October 15: Individual tax return deadline if an extension was filed
  • October 31: File form 941 for employer’s quarterly tax return


November is always a busy time of year, no matter your industry! With end of year looming and Black Friday booming, take time to treat your staff, relieve their holiday stress, and remind them of all they have to be thankful for.

Dates to recognize your team in November:

  • November 13: Caregiver Appreciation Day
  • November 27: Black Friday

Important HR Dates in November:

  • November 1: 2021 Marketplace health insurance plans are open for enrollment! 


Make the season merry and bright for your employees! This time of year is so much fun, whatever holiday you celebrate, but it also brings additional stress and challenges work-life balance. Plan a festive party for the holidays, and bring a massage therapist into the mix to create a truly relaxing environment. We walk you through all the important details to keep in mind when planning a massage event for the holidays here. 

HR dates in December:

December 15: Open enrollment period ends for 2021 Marketplace health insurance plans

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