January 20, 2016 Erin Hall

Utah’s Best Examples of Company Culture [infographic]

Utah’s businesses are thriving more than ever. With a growing list of amazing companies to work for, workers in Utah are in a great position to build awesome careers. 

One reason for this great atmosphere is the way Utah companies embrace their company culture and values. 

What is company culture


Company Culture Examples in Utah


Embracing employee satisfaction is a clear way for companies to succeed.

So it’s no surprise that Forbes named Utah the #1 state for businessagain.

This infographic represents years of our first-hand experience with companies where employees are thriving. And we’re so pleased to get to sing the praises of 5 Utah companies in particular who are doing things right. 


Here’s what you’ll see in this infographic: 


example of company culture


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Does your company match these powerhouse Utah businesses?

Give your company culture a check-up with our checklist below. 




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