December 18, 2015 Erin Hall

What’s a Chair Massage Without the Chair?

Not every business is able to find space for office chair massage. And some workers aren’t able to leave their workstations to get a massage during the day anyway.

The solution to these issues is to give employees chair massages at their desks in their regular desk chairs. Here’s how desk massage works.

Desk massage, seated massage without the chair

 What is desk massage?

If your employees aren’t able to leave their busy workstations to get a chair massage, there’s a workaround for that.

It works in call centers or businesses that just don’t have room to set up a massage chair, it’s desk massage.


Desk massage: How it works

Rather than the client leading forward in a typical massage chair set-up, the client sits upright in their own chair.

The massage therapist stands behind the chair, or to either side, and works neck, shoulder, and back muscles.


Pros and cons of desk massage

This is a great way to give chair massage in situations where it’s not feasible to set up an actual massage chair. And it also increases the number of massages that could happen at one time. That’s because no one has to wait for their turn at the massage chair. You can have as many massages at one time as the number of therapists you have.

The downside to this style of seated massage is that the therapist’s ability to work certain muscle groups and to use traditional techniques is diminished. Because the client is sitting upright, there is no resistance for deeper pressure massage work.

Additionally, some clients have more trouble relaxing because they’ve got their computers, phones, and paperwork still in front of them. Some can resist the temptation to continue working, while others are able to give in and enjoy the massage.


 A good option when time and space are limited

Though chair massage without the massage chair might not be the way to get a really great chair massage, it’s sure better than nothing. And a skilled massage therapist will be able to work out some tight muscles and knots even with this kind of set-up onsite at your business.



Chair massage at work is more that just a perk.

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