November 19, 2015 Erin Hall

What Happens When Company Growth Kills Chair Massage Programs

Great news: business is booming! Now for the bad news: your employee massage program can’t keep up.

It’s a concern we hear about frequently. See how we’ve solved it, once and for all. 

corporate chair massage programs

How Does Company Growth Affect Employee Chair Massage Programs?

How business growth affects corporate massage

Company massage programs are scheduled according to the number of employees getting massaged each day, and how long each massage lasts. 

When a company grows — either by hiring slowly, or acquiring another whole company — the corporate chair massage program could break. 

Now you have more employees than your massage schedule can fit. This is a problem. 


What not to do 

The best way to kill morale is to cut a much-loved program. 

The solution to the growth problem isn’t to do away with an established massage program, thinking it was nice while it lasted.

If you do that, your employees will feel slighted. 

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Company growth and chair massage

A reputable national chair massage company will be able to grow with your company. With a little creative thinking, there are ways to make a massage program work with each new employee you add to the team. 

Some options include:

  • Expanding the hours of each chair massage day
  • Adding an additional therapist to your massage days
  • Increasing the number of massage days per week or per month 

Ultimately your best bet is to start off with a massage company who is agile enough to support your company’s growth.




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