October 7, 2015 Erin Hall

Workplace Benefits 101: Are Your Employees Covered?

As a business owner, it’s important to keep your employees’ benefits at the forefront of your priorities. Satisfied employees stick around longer and produce better work. 

Aside from basics like time off for jury duty, employees will expect other benefits, such as a 401(k) program, paid days off, and other perks. 

workplace benefits 101

Ultimate List of Work Benefits

Not all work benefits are created equal. Some will serve to set you apart as a key contender for recruiting top talent. Others are simply mandatory benefits. And still more benefits aren’t legally required, but are so basic that every employee will expect them these days.

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Entrepreneur.com recently covered some basic benefits that all companies should include — the good, the bad, and the expensive. Owners of businesses large and small need to provide benefits that allow them to attract top talent, keep employee morale up, and contribute to the overall company culture.  

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(Read Entrepreneur’s article on benefits here.)




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